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Buy Your Own State

This virtual shop for public services helps to illustrate everything the state does today and how much money it costs us. By entering this imaginary shop you will be able for the first and perhaps last time in your life to choose for yourself which services you really want from "your" state and those for which you would not pay even a single Euro cent. The price of the state will then be calculated based on your choices and you will discover how much cheaper or more expensive would your state be. Compare your savings with this years' budget deficit that should reach EUR 3.3 bln. Can you save more?

You may select from services financed from the state budget; covering all public administration services might make the task confusing and unmanageable (that is why retirement benefits are not included). When choosing you may select the volume of expenditures for the given public area by moving a slider in the range of 0% to 200% of current spending levels.

You can learn more on the volume and direction of transfers financed from social contributions and local taxes here.

Prices of individual services are based on the approved budget for 2012. Calculated cost of the service is increased by an aliquot part of the costs of the ministry that cannot by assigned to individual items.

Buy Your Own State

Number of the Day

Free public education

There is nothing like a free public education in Slovakia.

Every citizen financed public education via taxes on average amount of 340,0 Eur in 2010 (almost half of VAT per capita paid in 2010).