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Tax calculator - how much do you, personally, pay the state?

In order to calculate how much you pay for the state's services, we must request the following information:

Your gross monthly salary: Eur
Do you save for retirement using the 2nd pillar? Yes No  
Your total monthly expenditures: Eur
  Of this amount:
Monthly rent (including mortgage payment): Eur
Monthly spending on fuels: Eur
Each week you smoke packs of cigarettes
Each week you drink beers
Each week you drink: shots of liquor
Do you pay the television and radio license fee? Yes No  

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How much we pay for employees of public sector?

We have paid more than 4,70 bln. Eur to finance wages (including contributions) of public sector employees, this means on average 872,0 Eur per capita annually for the wages of public employees.